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usually, people who complain about black history month, are the ones that know the least about it.

shut the fuck up with your blah blah blah about it being in the coldest and shortest month of the year…

go read a book, watch some PBS, talk with an elder, and stop bitching and complaining…

it’s not like you’re going to be participating in anything celebrating the history of black folk worldwide anyways… or even make history.

don’t lie. your goals in life probably include “getting rich”, “fucking bitches”, “having the flyest swag”, and “styling on hoes”…

prove me wrong, folks…

every year i say that, and rarely anyone actually proves me wrong.

every year we step farther and farther away from our past, but at the same time closer and closer to it. how is that possible? simple… when we don’t learn from our mistakes, we are bound to repeat them.

our young folks are  always saying stupid shit like “you complain about our generation, but you forgot who raised it!” yeah, well… it’s like with each passing generation, the youth are becoming more and more hot-headed and ignorant. they don’t want to listen, or learn, or even appreciate. when i say ‘they’, i’m generalizing now. there ARE some who do show signs of promise, but they’re lost in a sea of ignorance. hard to reach them when there’s so many obstacles in the way.

i don’t really have much more to say, other than shut up and read a friggin’ book. you want to celebrate black history, but you don’t want to even figure out what that history is.

your stupidity is shining on you, dear, and it’s not all that fabulous…

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