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What part of her looks like Ms Simone????

Why is she blackfaced?

I… am flabbergasted.

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    I thought that was Michelle Obama.. Poor Zoe. She’s Dominican
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    Right. They couldn’t have reached out to India.Arie or someone?
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    This shit makes me mad though…..
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    “We have a Black president right now,” the actress said in her Ebony magazine cover story. “So why the f— would I sit...
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    I just don’t understand this casting call. I could have played a better Nina Simone. 1. I have no need to be spray...
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    I don’t give a damn about her being a Black Latina. It’s STILL blackface. It’s still a mockery and they could’ve casted...
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    If she’d slathered on some Coppertone and laid out in the sun, it would’ve been a paper cut rather than a stab wound....
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    Well, look at it this way. Zoe and Simone have very clear differences in their facial features. In the photos, Zoe is...
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    A black person darkening their skin is NOT blackface. Blackface was when white people applied black make up on their...
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    …um, black people can do blackface, though. beyonce has done it for a photoshoot. if you do a simple google search if...
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    Why did she agree to do this? smh…
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    THIS IS FUCKED UP. Sorry Zoe, I know you are just an actress looking to do your job, but there are so many things wrong...
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